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lvlupgamejam-2017 Dates Du 16 Février à 18h30 au 18 Février à 15h30. Thèmes choisis – Démons – It’s not a bug, it’s a feature – Abracadabra – In your head La Team TuToTeam – Matthieu – Pierre – Florian – Henri – Léo – Hugo La totalité du contenu du jeu a été réalisée par […]

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Lux Nominem


Lost deep in the heart of an antechamber that you do not know, little flickering lightbulb, your role will be not to survive, but to live. Explore a strange dark room, and try to warm it a little by solving the scattered puzzles here and there. However everything has its value and the light of […]

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Ready your weapons, comrade! Get ready to fight against a horde of capitalist zombies. Fight for mother Russia to restore order and peace in a post-apocaliptic world. EASY TO PLAY! Hit START with your cursor and reach for your keyboard. Use the arrow buttons to move and change weapons, ctrl to shoot and space to […]