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Boîte de couture

Je me suis lâchée sur ma boîte de COUTURE et l’ai fait évoluer vers quelque chose d’un peu plus clâsse.

Have a weird underground

As a treat.

David Exfoliates

Petit jeu pas terminé du tout fait en 24h durant l’Orbital Game Jam. Disponible ici :

Full-paper metallic book

Telegram Typer

The game is a little incremental/idle game, where you have to interact with a Telegram chat. If you are wondering what the hell, it’s like Cookie Clicker, but…

Golden book

I have that little binded blank book since forever… … And I feel like trying something a bit more extra this time Not bad so far I went…

Little metallic tree with wooden fruits


Sound letters wall

Suite de Cantwell : œuvre collaborative avec générateur de lettres d’ondes sonores visuelles ! This took a while, but here is (an example of) a result of that…

Pixel Perfect

Each hour, a new picture will be posted, corresponding to a specific size and number. The image will be a square of « size » pixels, and a number will…

Des ᵖᵉᵗᶦᵗˢ tableaux

Painttober (Inktober but on Paint)

I’m sorry, Jon.

Here’s a little cursed Garfield because no one asked for it.